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The Netherlands 2022

There was an audio conference in Baarlo, Holland that John wanted to attend. We had not visited Amsterdam for years so decided to spend a few days there first. I loved walking along the canals.

Amsterdam is so photogenic, and even more so when the sun is out.

It's so nice to see friends again. Per met us and we toured by day and enjoyed fabulous dinners at night.

We had missed two years of ETF (European Triod Festival) due to Covid and were excited to see everyone and hear the sound systems. This year it was at the Kasteel de Berckt, two hours out of Amsterdam.

John attended the audio sessions during the day while I went for walks in the surrounding countryside.

Baarlo had iron knot sculptures and lots of aesthetic details.

And my new-found friend Marjon also enjoyed long walks, and best of all was a great navigator.

Our final stop in Holland was Utrecht, another lovely city.

There were eye-catching details everywhere.

With autumn foliage along the canals.

And spectacular lighting at night.

On our final day we enjoyed a tasty IPA at an outdoor cafe.

What a great trip; we look forward to returning.


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