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Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Mountains 2023

We decided not to travel internationally this summer, but were very eager to go camping. Our favorite location is Mountain Home State Park, which is closed due to road damage from all the rain this winter. So instead of going to the Western Sierras, we went up the middle to Sequoia National Forest and found a great location.

We set up our trusty home-away-from-home tent and settled in. We were surrounded by pine trees, chirping birds and a bubbling brook.

We took a hike to a large meadow. It was supposed to be 2.5 miles each way, but turned out to be double that. Luckily John was carrying his water knapsack. Given the altitude and arid air we would have been in trouble otherwise.

I always enjoy the contrast of the earth colors, greenery, rocks and blue sky.

Were we were there was no electricity, so no ambient light after dark. The night stars were awesome (but not photographed).

The beauty of nature enveloped us during our days. It felt great to be in nature, with no cell reception; a chance to reset and get present.

We're looking forward to going camping again soon.


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