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Santa Monica Mountains

Mulholland Drive was notorious in its day as a road with breathtaking vistas and crazy turns that people enjoyed for car racing. Parts of the road are still paved and driven, but due to mudslides and erosion there are sections going through the Santa Monica mountains that are now exclusively for hikers and bicycles. That mountain stretch is where John and I enjoy taking 6-8 mile hikes early Sunday mornings.

This year we have had a lot of rain so the area is very green with lots of wildflowers, so I've been capturing some images.

Near to where we park there is a great view of the San Fernando Valley and the reservoir.

Much of the walking is done single aisle so I have lots of photos of John's back.

For me the walks are a mental reset. Smelling the scented air, hearing the birdsong and being surrounded by nature is very grounding.

And of course sharing time with John is special too.

It's one of the joys of living in Los Angeles, that so much natural beauty is a short drive from our ocean home.


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