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Pompeii 2007

I recently had a discussion with a friend regarding incredible experiences and our visit to Pompeii in 2007 was right up there on my list. John was giving a talk in Napoli, and the Italian organizers orchestrated a private tour of Pompeii with the curator. Most people visit in the summer when it is hot and very crowded. That December day was a pleasantly cool and there were barely any visitors.

We wandered through the extensive grounds, learning the history and being transported back in time.

In 2007 I was still shooting with film, so while I took quite a few photos, it was not with the abandon that digital photography allows.

We were there with a group of Italians that John has worked with over the years and who have become good friends of ours.

The curator was informative and charming and we all had a blast.

These are few more of the photos from that day.

This was a side trip from Naples which is fascinating in its own right. There are wonderful old churches and incredible marble sculptures, which I managed not to photograph on this trip but I did capture the harbor.

Naples is famous as the point of origin for pizza and crèches. I can vouch for great pizza, and prior to Christmas the variety of crèches at the markets is unbelievable. I would enjoy visiting again, though I am sure we could never duplicate our Pompeii experience.

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