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Mountain Home Post Fires

Those who follow our travels know that one of our favorite places to camp is Mountain Home State Park, which is filled with my beloved sequoia trees.

Our first stop was at Balch Park which is the southern-most campground largely used by fishing aficionados and not where we usually stay.

However the road up the mountain beyond that point was closed, as were our usual camping sights. We could not drive up the road, but we hiked up to get a better view.

It was devastating to see the damage and how much was burned. Ironically because the trees were destroyed there was more sun hitting the forest floor, and therefore new foliage growing close to the ground. But the sight of the burned sequoias was heartbreaking. Luckily because of their size some were burnt but not killed.

There were many older stumps and trees to remind of us these giants' history and stature.

We spent the night in Springville which is an old-time small California mountain town before heading home.

Sequoia cone seeds are only released in the high heat of fires, so at least the seeding of new Sequoia trees will be under way for future generations to enjoy.


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