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Lake Arrowhead

It was John's birthday on May 27th and to celebrate we went to Lake Arrowhead for a few days.

Friends lent us their townhouse on the water and we enjoyed exploring the area. I liked the look of the colorful kayaks along the shore.

The lake is surrounded by woods and is very picturesque.

Just down the road was Lake Arrowhead Brewing, with excellent beers, a lovely outdoor tasting area and friendly fellow tasters.

John loves IPAs and the second part of his birthday weekend was a visit to some breweries in San Marcos. Our first stop was Wild Barrel Brewing.

Next was Lost Abbey Brewery.

Another favorite was Rip Current Brewing.

BattleMage Brewing has a great theme based on the game, and an excellent assortment of beers.

Due to Covid all the tastings were outdoors, not a hardship in Southern California. It was a fun time and a great way to celebrate.

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