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Jakarta 2023

We had been in Jakarta several years ago and returned because John was speaking at an IFTA conference. Indonesia is a long flight so we did a one day stop in Tokyo to enjoy Japanese culture, food, and most importantly, see some friends.

There were many improvements to Jakarta since our last visit, the most notable was the addition of public transportation which made navigating much easier, and the overall traffic more manageable. During our stay they were holding a huge Indonesian Armed Forces Parade. We missed the parade but while exploring the day before the event we passed the staging area so I captured some of the artillery.

I appreciated the incongruity of the military might being parked right outside the main mosque.

We toured the mosque where John was enamored by a huge drum that hummed.

Central to the city are a mosque and cathedral.

While John was at the conference I visited a main square and captured some images of local color.

I didn't take photos at the conference but it's always good to catch up with friends from around the world. Bali and Australia were our next stops on the trip which would be more picturesque so I spent my time socializing sans camera.


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