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Berlin Audio Meeting - BAM! October 2021

We had not been to an audio meeting in two years so when Michael told us that they were organizing an event in Berlin we were excited to go. BAM was leg one in a three part trip, followed by an adventure with our fiend Per to Prague, Vienna and Budapest, and lastly Zoë joining us for a Paris stay. The remainder of the European trip has it's own blog post.

BAM was held at Waldhotel am See, an hour outside of Berlin in former East Germany. It was as the name says, hotel in the woods at the lake,

John and I started each day with a walk in the woods, which were simultaneously calming and energizing. It felt great to be in nature.

There were some excellent sound systems set up and it was wonderful to listen to music. For our audio friends I must apologize, I only took photos of two of the systems, and there were many more excellent ones that I listened to but never documented.

On our walks we explored some of the surrounding area. Among other things we ran into a phone booth repurposed as a library, some interesting street art, and lovely nature as the leaves were just starting to turn.

After our Covid isolation what I enjoyed most was the gathering of people. Michael and Regina the organizers.

We took a boat ride on the lake and I took the opportunity to snap some candid shots of many of the attendees some which we had met at previous events. Most were from Germany, Holland and Denmark and there was an American couple. It turned out that Rhonda and I grew up three blocks from each other in Forest Hills--really a small world.

Looking through these I realized Britta and Christian didn't join us on the boat, so not to leave them out I'm borrowing a photo from a pre-covid Lenco Heaven gathering in Belgium. I think they have been at every audio event John and I attended.

Friday afternoon we had an inspired outdoor concert by a local Berlin jazz band, Fun Horns.

The music was great, the setting lovely, and most of all it was nice to be able to gather with friends from around the world and catch up. We are not going to ETF in Belham in November, but look forward to many more audio events to come.


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