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Bali 2023

John was asked to speak in Jakarta and Australia with a few weeks between the events, so we visited Bali for a week. A friend has a villa in Ubud and we had an open invitation so finally accepted. What a spectacular home. This is the view from the house looking out over the pool.

The complex was so aesthetic, I had to photograph some of the details.

And the view at night was gorgeous.

This was my first time in Bali and I read up on Ubud where we would be staying. The town was more commercial than I expected, but once you were away from the main streets it was beautiful. We took a morning walk in the rice fields before it got too hot.

The greens were so vibrant! We stopped at local cafe and I had to participate in these Instagram installations.

John and I took a couple of cooking classes which were a wonderful way to learn about Bali culture and explore new parts of the island. In addition to learning some new recipes, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

One of the classes was on a farm where we picked the produce we would be cooking..

We went snorkeling and the water was a delightful temperature. It was fun to see tropical fish in the ocean instead of in our fish tank.

There were lots of lovely details everywhere.

We were grateful to Chris and Arnel for the invitation and their hospitality. It was a lovely visit.


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