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Mountain Home August 2020

A few weeks ago we camped in the Eastern Sierras and were so exhilarated by our getaway that we immediately planned our next trip, this time to the Western Sierras. I love Sequoia trees and Mountain Home has groves of these majestic beauties.

Reaching the cool of the Sierra Mountains is a pleasure after the drive north through the sun-dried SoCal landscape.

We arrived on Friday and were lucky to find a campsite. It was just the two of us with a small tent so we found a compact site removed from the larger groups--just what we wanted.

We set up camp and hit the trails. The campground was full, but we had the trails pretty much to ourselves.

We found a hiking route called Memorial Trail. Mountain Home State Forest is run by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and in 2007 two firefighters died in a plane crash. They created a trail to where the crash site was, with a memorial bench resting spot on the way.

From that point there was a steep trail to where the plane had crashed and a memorial had been erected.

It's a secluded area with pine trees.

And some grand sequoias. I loved looking up at the tree crowns.

One of the delights when camping is John's delicious breakfasts.

We hiked different trails each day. Everywhere there are natural wonders to appreciate.

And some funny ones. This rock looked like it was eating a tree.

Walking in the dappled forest light is a pleasure and I love the scent of the sun warming the earth and pine needles.

But what inspires and awes me repeatedly are the trees.

And the views that come with altitude.

We'll be back!

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