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John had a presentation in Zurich so we spent a few days visiting and were happy that Per could meet us. The double steeple of Grossmünster dominates the Zurich old town profile.

As the weather and light changed I accumulated a variety of Grossmünster images.

We stayed in Old Town which is historic and lovely.

On John's list of must dos was a Fondu dinner.

St. Peter's church in Zurich features the largest clock in Europe

St Peter

And the view of the Alps from the bridge was stunning.

Per arranged a trip to Mr. Rigi which entailed a van, to the cable car, to the cogwheel train, to the boat to Lucern. When we left Zurich is was wet and cold and then happily it started to clear.

The cable car had stunning views and Per was busy capturing them

The Rigi wooden cow welcomed us to the cogwheel train, and the ubiquitous Chinese tour group was among our fellow travelers. They were better prepared for the snow than we were.

The top of Mt. Rigi was snowy and very cold so we stopped for a tasty lunch rather than hiking to the tip-top.

Per and John grudgingly smiled in the cold.

Next we headed down the mountain to Lake Lucerne and took the ferry to Lucerne.

When we reached Lucerne the sun was shining and we spent a few hours strolling through the beautiful city. Chapel Bridge was a highlight.

Everything was so picturesque. I was grateful that the weather had cleared.

A lovely but short visit. Auf Wiedersehen.

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