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Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a city I have visited many times, so I don’t feel the need to capture the big picture. We were in the Bund at night, so I did take a few shots of the neon.

But mostly I photographed the details that speak to me, like the water caligrapher in the park with his quickly evaporating art.

And the cuteness that is pervasive in Asian countries.

I always enjoy watching people dancing in the parks.

I love the carts that the street sweepers use, and rest in.

And what to me is the daily grit of life.

In Tea City we had tea with our favorite tea purveyor and of course replenished our supply.

A highlight was seeing Zoë’s host family from so many years ago.

There are so many details that catch the eye.

Shanghai is a city I always love to visit!

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