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Our trip to Finland began with an overnight ferry weaving through the Stockholm archipelago to Helsinki. The views were spectacular, especially as the sun slowly set. Twilight lasted for hours that far north.

The light was so perfect I had to catch the golden light on us.

In the morning we docked in Helsinki.

Helsinki is not known for lovely weather so we lucked out with a sunny day to enjoy this beautiful city.

Next we drove north through Finland to Oravi on Lake Saimaa. Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes for a reason; it's a forest landscape dotted with blue water.

Our house was on the lake with gorgeous woodwork and delicious locally sourced meals. Only in Finland does your space come with a private sauna building Great find Per!

Everything was so aesthetic, and made more so by the light.

Saimaa Lake is home to Norppa which are highly endangered seals (population of about 380 worldwide and only found on Lake Saimaa). We took a boat ride and were lucky to see a few – from a distance so not to disturb, and stopped on one of the many islands for lunch.

Our next stop was a resort an hour boat ride on the other side of the lake. It was a stunning location and the spa had every kind of sauna and steam bath imaginable. What a treat. Needless to say, no photos of the spas.

Next was Provoo, the second oldest city in Finland, founded nearly 800 years ago. Today it is a tourist destination for Swedes and Finns with charming streets, a lovely church...

….and lots of small details to capture.

Then back to Helsinki and back to Sweden. What a great Scandinavian adventure.

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