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San Francisco August 2017

John was teaching a class in San Francisco over the weekend so we went a few days early to visit the city. We walked around and did the tourist things and enjoyed the aesthetics of the city.

While the city is beautiful, the homeless are everywhere

And there is lots of political expression and some very good graffiti.

I had read about a wave organ, which sounded very interesting but was really nothing. The good news was that it got us sections of the city we would not have gone otherwise, including seeing the Palace of Fine Arts which was a total anomaly. It must be odd to look out one’s windows and see the marina on one side and this structure out the other.

Zoe was able to join us over the weekend, making the trip even more fun. We visited the Ferry building on Saturday morning and had glorious weather to peruse the farmer’s market for breakfast and take in the bridge in all its glory.

While John taught his class Zoe and I went to a concert in the park.

For the evening we visited some excellent craft breweries, tasted some wonderful IPAs and ate some excellent locally sourced food. We were impressed.

Sunday was another blue-sky day and we explored some more.

It was a lovely long weekend!

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