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Camping in the Sierra Mountains

Summer was evaporating and we had not yet communed with nature so we went camping in the Eastern Sierra Mountains for a few days. There is no internet or phone service once you climb the mountains, so the relaxation is complete. We usually camp on the western slope, liking to sleep under the Sequoia trees, but our favorite location was closed due to forest fire risk so we went up the eastern slopes.

The first night headed into the mountains at Lone Pine and camped at 10,000 feet at Horseshoe Meadow campground (above) which is quite the adjustment when you come from sea level.

We met BMW test drivers from Germany at the crest of the road, testing some of their hybrids in the low oxygen altitude. They were trying to be stealthy but they had decorated their cars with patterns that made everyone curious.

The second night we headed further north to Bishop and west into the Sierras, stopping at Big Trees campground named after the Jeffrey pine trees. That was at 7,000 feet, so not as cold at night and easier on the lungs. Due to all the rain/snow this winter, the creeks were rushing so things were much greener than usual.

We did a few hikes, visited Sabrina Lake (below) and scouted some of the other campgrounds for next time. The Inyo Forest sites are all remote and small, making them ideal for the kind of camping John and I enjoy.

A few days off the grid and we were totally refreshed. We will try to return before the cold weather descends on the mountains.

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