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Texas May 2017

We had not seen Julie and John for more than ten years and it had been longer since I was in Texas, so when Duke invited us to visit his father’s wood workshop we opted for a domestic vacation.

It was wonderful spending time with J&J and we reconnected as if no time had passed at all. Their spread in Kerville is beautiful and we enjoyed the rural setting and every moment spent with them.

We spent a day in Boerne at Duke’s parent’s place. His father’s workshop is for woodworking and his mother’s for weaving and textiles. John and I each did craft projects, spent time chatting with Duke and his parents and had a great day.

The visit ended with a trip to Duke’s property where they are building a barndominium—only in Texas would they merge a barn and living quarters in such a spacious and magnificent way.

Our week in Texas boasted perfect spring weather and the forces of the universe were all flowing our way. What a great trip!

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