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Kyushu Japan May 2017

It started with plans to attend the Japanese Triode Meeting being held in Kyushu, the southern-most Japanese island. Then John was scheduled to give a talk the following weekend, which gave us a week to explore the island.

First the audio show. The Japanese are incredible artisans, making components from wood and ceramics. The event featured impressive sound systems and interesting people from many countries—and the highlight -- it was held in a beautiful temple with spectacular grounds. John and I woke early every day and did a sunrise explore. My camera was clicking overtime. (click on the photos to view full size)

We spent the following week visiting Ryoken on Kyushu. We used a travel agent who found idyllic locations. We cut back some of the touring we had planned to spend more time at each location – a first for us. Each Ryoken stay included a traditional set breakfast and dinner which were a delight to the eyes as well as the palette.

As always, there were so many picturesque details in Japan. Everywhere you look there’s an image to capture.

John gave a very successful presentation and on our last night we ate dinner at Chikae a famous restaurant I jokingly called the aquarium. So many live fish! The Japanese take the concept of fresh fish very seriously.

We fell in love with Kyushu. It was so green and the sound of bubbling brooks was omnipresent. After the LA drought, the abundant greenery was soothing for the eyes and soul. Definitely a great trip!

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