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Joshua Tree 2024

John and I enjoy visiting the dessert and after the recent rains spent a few days in Joshua Tree hiking and relaxing. Joshua trees have a look all their own!

My favorite thing about that region is the rock formations.

When we first arrived it was raining and there were wonderful clouds.

The next day it was overcast, with the sky changing every few minutes. It was cool and a perfect day to climb Mount Ryan. The hike entails a steep climb and would have been much more strenuous on a sunny day.

We experienced something we had never seen in the region, a pond formed from the recent rain. There were even a pair of Mallard ducks.

We were happy when we reached the summit and didn't mind the high wind and mist. We met a couple of other hikers and were able to photograph each other which made for a fun memory.

My camera caught John as king of the mountain and holding up the world.

Our final day was warmer and sunnier. Our hike was through all the diverse landscapes of Joshua Tree: River beds, dramatic rock formations, Joshua trees, cacti and snow on the mountains.

There were even some wet areas.

Thanks to the recent rain there was foliage and flowers in every crevasse.

The dessert is filled with local art. We saw an example when we first arrived at a local spiritual center.

And before heading home we stopped at Noah Purifoy's outdoor museum featuring his assemblage sculptures.

This has been a very rainy year and we had noted the greenery on our drives and hikes, but seeing Joshua Tree teeming with life was a special treat.

We love living at the ocean, but the vastness of the dessert is awesome too.


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