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Sweden, May 2018

We started our Sweden visit in Stockholm which is an archipelago of 30,000 islands. There are classic buildings and wonderful vistas of green foliage and blue water.

The symbol of the city is a lion and there were statues everywhere that I found adorable.

But I mostly focused my lens on details which caught my fancy. (Click on photos to see full image)

Later in the trip we went to Tennviken where Per has a family home. It is on the Baltic Sea, in the woods, rustic and beautiful. My favorite time of day was twilight, which being so far north lasted a long time. The light was luminescent.

We visited with Per’s sisters, experienced Swedish fermented herring; a truly Swedish experience we were told. We nibbled it and the dog devoured the rest.

It was peaceful and beautiful, a lovely location for hiking.

We ended our Sweden visit in Uppsala, a university town an hour north of Stockholm.

With a whimsical side too.

And nearby in Gamla Uppsala we visited the ancient Viking burial mounds.

Thank you Per for sharing your Sweden with us.

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