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Big Bear

My birthday was on a Wednesday and we decided to spend the week in Big Bear, working in the morning and hiking and exploring in the afternoons. I had not been in that area before and it's always fun to discover somewhere new. While not rugged like the Sierra Mountains, the area has a large lake, some very nice hiking trails and lots of beautiful pine trees.

There were bear sculptures everywhere, many of them adorable. I was remiss in not photographing them.

I had my SLR camera and took the opportunity to experiment with the images. My photographer friend Richard encouraged me to photograph three brackets and then meld the images for a HD effect . Once in the program that marries the multiple exposures, there are options to manipulate the images as well. Below are some results.

The light was beautiful, perfect for close-ups of nature.

There were so many wonderful vistas and trees.

Spending time with my family is always wonderful, and the beautiful surrounds were a bonus.

What a lovely birthday. My family cooked delicious meals, we enjoyed hiking and tasting local beers, and I got to enjoy my photography. Thanks John and Zoë!


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