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2020 - The Year of Covid

Usually my posts are travel related, but not this year. We went camping twice this summer (separate blog posts) but the California wildfires put an end to that. What I did this year was walk around Manhattan Beach...a lot.

I am lucky to live in such a beautiful location, and occasionally I took my camera to capture some visuals I found pleasing. My first realization of the new Covid reality was the Manhattan Beach pier gated to prevent access, something I had never seen before.

Walks became my recreation as well as exercise. I enjoyed walking on the sand, especially at low tides.

Walks on the Strand with the various plants and always changing light were a favorite pass time.

I was captivated by the wide variety and beauty of the tree bark when I walked the residential sections.

And at Halloween I was delighted by the imaginative decorations

Every once in a while I saw something unexpected that made me smile.

And sunsets at the beach never disappoint.

Manhattan Beach decorated for Christmas everywhere, including the pier.

Having photography as a hobby encourages me to seek out pleasing images. 2020 was a tough year in so many ways. Being on the lookout for the lovely was an uplifting activity for which I am grateful.


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